Monday, December 28, 2020

Third and Fourth Habit That Changed my Daily Life | 5 Habits to Change Your Daily Life

Third and Fourth Habit That Changed my Daily Life | 5 Habits to Change Your Daily Life
Third and Fourth Habit That Changed my Daily Life | 5 Habits to Change Your Daily Life

My Third habit has been super helpful for me since I've obviously been spending a lot more time at home like all of us have and that is to separate the different parts of my home for very specific different reasons. So, what I mean by that is for example my bedroom is my sanctuary, where I come to relax to read to spend time with my friend. This is very specific energy in this room. 

So, I don't bring my laptop in the room, I don't work in the room, it is a very separate space. I'm lucky that I have an office right outside my door as well but even if you don't even. If you just have one bedroom at least separating the space like one corner, one desk that is where you do all your work. Then don't bring your laptop into your bed just have all of that there and then have your bed as your sanctuary is your relaxed place. Whatever it means for you everyone's gonna separate it differently but that's not for me.

Is it just really helps me separate the different times of the day and the different days of the week even if there's a weekend I'm not gonna go and sit on my desk first thing because it's a weekend so I'm trying to relax so I've actually brought a desk into my room specifically only to paint or draw or to just relax and do something creative. So in my room is creative chill relaxed mode outside is the business model and downstairs in the living room kitchen. I spend time with my roommates and Louie my friend and my friends and we eat dinners together and it's just so helpful for me to separate the spaces and to have a very different intention with why I'm going into each space. I don't know it's just really helped me and it might help some of you all as well. 

My Fourth Habit is something that I would call a bit of a silver lining during all this difficult time and what I mean by that is one of the things that has happened inevitably. During the last few months, most of our routines have been disrupted so the way that we work, the way that we live, the way that we exercise, the way that we eat pretty much everything has had to change and one thing that for me has changed. 

For the better is the way that I shop so before this some of us may have been making purchases out of habit or routine for example going to get a coffee every day at our local coffee shop or going out to restaurants all the time or even just going into clothing stores and just browsing and sometimes buying, something just because you're there not necessarily because you need it, but now because we don't really have all that time to just be in random places just spending money out of habit. 

What's happened for me is, I've been so much more mindful about how I spend my money where I spend it and what I'm purchasing because before I buy something. Now, first of all, I think, do I actually need this, do I really want it and I think about where I'm getting it from I'm trying my best to support as many small businesses as I can so before this I may have just gone straight to Amazon and searched for something and actually last week I did. 

I went on and I started typing something out and then I stopped I was looking for a new blender for the house because our last one broke and I was typing out exactly what I was looking for and I stopped. I was like wait a minute, what if I go to their website so I went to their specific website and they're having a Mother's Day sale so I got like 20% off so I paid less than I would have anyway and I all the money that I paid went straight to the company instead of to this big massive company that takes a lot of money from a lot of different businesses so it just made me feel so much better than I was supporting this company directly and it saved me money and this is just a little example of being a little bit more mindful just literally taking like three seconds to think before buying something or ordering something.

Because a lot of us are trying to save money right now, we're trying to support small businesses and I think people are just buying less and they were because we're taking the time to be a little bit more mindful and not buy things just out of habit and instead only buy things that we actually need.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Second Habit That Changed my Daily Life | 5 Habits to Change Your Daily Life


Second Habit That Changed my Daily Life | 5 Habits to Change Your Daily Life
Second Habit That Changed my Daily Life | 5 Habits to Change Your Daily Life

Today is my Second Habit which is bulking my work together or batching. What that means is doing similar work together at the same time and you do this already in your everyday life. For example, I am sure that you do all of your laundries at once instead of washing each one of your pieces after each time you wear it. Because it just makes more sense to do all your laundry in one go versus 5 or 10 minutes every single day and if you think about it we do this in so many different parts of our life but when it comes to working I definitely found it more difficult to naturally do that.

So, what I would do before I started batching my work is I would be for example editing my articles and then I would get an email notification pop up and then I'd go into my email and answer that email, and then I would think about having to upload my articles, posts on social media platforms. Inevitably, I get a little bit distracted and I browse for a little bit and then I'm like no I have to go back to editing my article and so within an hour I've kind of done two or three things instead of doing one thing really well.

So, what I try to do now is pick either specific days of the week or time of day that I do this one thing and I don't do it any other time and it just helps me say super focused because I also know this is my only time to do this work, so let me make sure I get it done instead of just thinking. I'll just get to it later a couple of examples I have. 

Friday's are my admin days normally admin stuff really stresses me out because if I'm in the middle of a creative project and I think about having to make a phone call or something I don't want to do it at the moment because I know that it'll break my flow but then it stresses me out because the back of my head that I have to make sure I don't forget to do it. So, what I've started doing instead is whenever I think of anything like that I put it on a list, and every Friday first thing in the morning I look at that list.

So throughout the week, if I think of random little things I don't have to keep thinking about them I put on the list I know that it's gonna get done and every Friday all those things get done and I have a specific time that is allocated for doing my admin another thing that has really helped me. I have been scheduling my posts and honestly, this has been such a game-changer for me. it is amazing if you have a business account you can auto-publish your posts or if you want you can also get it to push notifications for you.

So, again you can still get the posts completely ready do all the captions and everything and then you get a little notification for later to remind you to post and by the way, if you're not sure what time of day or what days of the week to post later also has an amazing analytic section and it will look at your Instagram and it will look at what time of day each day of the week your users are most active and this is a simple thing that if you didn't know this.

If you were just posting it the wrong time what if most of your followers were asleep or just not active and you didn't realize but you could be reaching like double or triple the people if you just knew what time was best to post later is also really helpful for small businesses and entrepreneurs and my mom's business is the perfect example for this she owns a jewelry company and I know that she's really been stressed out about social media in the past about not sure what time of day to post or just at the moment having to remember to post when she's in the middle of like making jewelry which is what her job really should be.

So, now using later she can plan all of her posts literally spend one day and plan months’ worth of posts right all the captions do all the hashtags and then not even have to think about it I know that this has helped her so much. Just relax and relieve some of the stress around your business.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

First Habit That Changed my Daily Life | 5 Habits to Change Your Daily Life

First Habit That Changed my Daily Life | 5 Habits to Change Your Daily Life
First Habit That Changed my Daily Life | 5 Habits to Change Your Daily Life


Today, I want to share with you few habits that I've recently brought into my life that have honestly changed my life, that I haven't read anyone else talking about them and I can't express to you how much they've changed the game for me, in terms of, how productive.

I am now happy, I am how much more at peace, I feel and just less stressed out so I really wanted to share them with you because even if you could find one of these things that you resonate with that. You could implement it in your life and you could make it even just a little bit better than it would be worth it. 

The first habit that I am super excited to share with you is something that is such a tiny shift that takes about five minutes every night and has honestly changed my mindset more than anything else. And that is writing out five things that I'm proud of myself for every night I tend to be hard on myself that I have very high standards and I'm definitely or have been very achievement-driven and have had quite a linear definition of success. So, quite often, I would go to bed and think about all the things that I didn't get to my to-do list or the things that I did in the chief or didn't do enough of and I'll go to bed angry at myself for not doing enough that day. 

So, I started recently just writing out five things that I'm proud of myself for every night and the first two or three tend to be pretty achievement-based still like for example writing blogging articles or clear up my email inbox or something and are great. But what I find is after those first two or three the last couple tend to be a little bit more difficult to come up with and my first thought usually is well that's it. I haven't done anything else today like I have nothing else to write but I make myself write five so then I have to dig and think about other things that I'd be proud of myself for and that's when I find the beautiful little things. 

That, I so often, just look past like for example the other night I wrote that I was a really good friend to Louie and I did some things to help support him like cooking for him or helping him with or something like that another one could be looking out for a friend maybe calling a friend because you know what they're going through a rough time and sitting on the phone with them for a few hours and being there for them and just listening for them. 

These are beautiful things that I am really proud of myself for that I do and that I can be the best version of myself and be a good friend and daughter and all the things and I think it's so great to go to bed every night focusing on these kinds of things instead of thinking about all the things that I haven't done and honestly such a simple thing after just the first three or four days I can't tell you how different I felt and throughout the day as well as again this is what happens the gratitude journal that you end up thinking about the things you're grateful for throughout the day and this has happened to me where now I'll do something even something small and at the moment think. 

This is a good one, I'm gonna write this to my journal tonight and so throughout the day, I have these little moments of achievement and of being proud of myself especially around things that I wouldn't have normally counted as achievements beforehand. So, this has just really changed my life and if any of you struggle with some of these thoughts then this might really help you.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Glacier National Park in Montana, USA | Most Beautiful Park in the United States of America (USA)


Glacier National Park in Montana, USA | Most Beautiful Park in the United States of America (USA)
Glacier National Park in Montana, USA | Most Beautiful Park in the United States of America (USA)

Glacier National Park one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States of America (USA) and the starting of fall is a perfect time. The colors are starting to change and it's just so beautiful, I will pass the whole day here, I am on the bus because it's very windy outside. If you live in a city but even if you don't just spend time consciously in nature to go on a walk - even to have a picnic to like to sit in the grass to touch nature, it's so important.

I live in New York City, I lived in major cities and I can totally feel when I haven't been in a park or on a hike or anything in a while I feel like my soul is like missing something. If you're not going out today set yourselves a challenge to spend some time in nature and especially try to feel the grass take your shoes off put your feet on the ground and just connect back with nature. 

I am at the next viewpoint, all day but this is hard too. It is pretty incredible, I just noticed that waterfall. We just got back, it was a very long drive back actually, fell asleep on the drive, there so I didn't really realize how long it was but it was like two and a half hours. The sun's actually about to set soon but I wasn't allowed to touch the grass we were going like the vegetation. There was protected, so I'm doing it now it's just one of the best feelings honestly. 

About earthing, if you don't know what that is, it's like connecting to the earth by actually I think maybe it's like specifically hiking barefoot and I did it in Hawaii and it was amazing. But it was just a great reminder that even if you're not like going on a hike even just standing on grass and just connecting to the planet feels so good. If you go out and you go into nature today please let me know also through email. Hopefully, just being a little bit more mindful throughout your days about being kinder to yourself to each other on the planet.

Anyway, the Sun is getting close to setting, last night the best part about the drive back that even though it was very long is that so many of our favorite people were in the van so we had so many great conversations and yes it was great anyway. I just went to come in at the end and quickly say that one I wasn't able to describe as much at Glacier National Park cuz because we went on like a guided tour and they only stopped at 3 viewpoints and we were only like I need to be a point for about 10 minutes and then we left and last time Louie and I went. 

Actually, we were with Kari and Sam and we were on a road trip made our own car and I feel like if you have your own car then you have so much more control over where you stop and how long you stay and stuff. So one I would highly recommend if you go to Glacier National Park, go in your own car, rent a car or something. You'll have a better experience I think than a guided tour. I wanted to tell you something that kind of blew me away when I read it and I talked about some of the benefits so it's scientifically proven that after just 30 minutes in nature you will reduce stress and anxiety boost, creativity improve your eyesight, boost your immune system, improve your memory and cognitive function and more which is crazy so I know that sometimes it can be easy to forget. Consciously spend time in nature.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

How to Stay Calm And Relax | Tips to Stay Calm And Reduce Stress

How to Stay Calm And Relax | Tips to Stay Calm And Reduce Stress
How to Stay Calm And Relax | Tips to Stay Calm And Reduce Stress

The details of my tips started to spend some time in nature and there are so many studies out there on what being in nature does to our nervous system. How it helps us relax some of you may be even live in nature and maybe know what I'm talking about just going outside and looking out and listening to the birds and breathing in the fresh air going on a hike it all makes such a difference. I personally live in a city so I have to consciously choose to spend time in nature and go out of my way.

Go drive somewhere to a hike or something but I really try to do that as much as I can because if I've been in the city too long I can really notice how much more stressed out I get. So, if you also live in a city or somewhere that doesn't have direct access to nature then please make an effort to go into nature as often as you can also if you do live in a city and you can't get into nature as much as you would like something that I've done. We have filled our room with plants and basically our whole house with plants but especially our room if I close the door in our room and I close the window, so I can't hear the cars anymore then I just look at the plants sometimes I'll even put on as nature sounds so I can actually feel like I'm outside in nature and I can just look at all the plants and they bring me so much joy tip number

The next tip is to clean your space and to make it feel welcoming and organized because having a messy home will automatically stress you out again. There are so many studies here on what a difference it makes just to have an organized uncluttered clean space. You don't have to do a massive deep clean if you're trying to relax I mean some people find it really relaxing other people don't but even if you can just put some things away. Like if you have a lot of things out on your desk or on your dresser or something just putting things in a drawer putting things back in their place and having just what your eye can see look organized and clean honestly again will make such a big difference.

Now the next tip is to do some stretching or yin yoga. If you don't know what yin yoga is then let me tell you it's basically like a much slower type of yoga where you're doing one pose and holding it for a few minutes sometimes several minutes and what that does is it allows you to have a super deep stretch. I love doing yin yoga I mean any time of day really but especially before bed you're basically doing really long opening stretches and it feels so good but if there's a moment that you're feeling stressed just taking the time to stand up stretch and just move your body a little bit whatever that looks like to you. 

The next tip is to eat slowly and mindfully and this is something that I have to remind myself of all the time because I tend to eat in front of my computer. Whether I'm still working or even if I'm watching something I like to be able to watch something while I'm eating to help me relax but I know that it's not helping me really relax because I'm trying to do too many things at once and it's also not helping me enjoy my meal.

I notice that I tend to overeat and I tend to not really taste the food as well. I know that I could, if I'm doing something at the same time so just taking a moment to enjoy a meal eat it really slowly like taste all the flavors within the meal, and again it will help your body just slow down and feel calmer.

Last but certainly not least. I'd recommend that you write whatever that looks like to you whether you want to call it journaling or if that word kind of stresses you out just write whatever is on your mind whatever you want to write just getting things out of your head and onto paper can help you feel so much more relaxed. Recently I've gotten into journaling as well. If I like crossed stuff out and it didn't look good and now I've just released all expectations and I just write whatever I want whether it's a poem or like a diary entry or whatever it is I'm feeling that day it just feels so good to be able to write it out. 

These are my tips to help you to stay calm and feel relaxed which will surely reduce your stress and most of them you could do every single day but you could also keep them in mind at the moment when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed remember to breathe or to stretch or to go for a walk or any of these things really if you have any more tips or things that you do to help you relax please let me know.